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Work on the Boom Boom book of rare Blues photographs is nearing completion and the final stage is to sit down with Brian and get his personal recollections of taking the pictures, the shows, the clubs and of course meeting all these amazing musicians (and whether they took him at cards or not!). Most of the photo selection has now been made so we can come up with a more complete list of artists who Brian photographed in the early sixties and appear in the book (though new images are still turning up, so this may get even longer.) If you want to get the latest on this title do please join our mailing list, which is linked from the book’s news page on this site.
In the meantime here is another of Brian’s treasured signed personal photos (which he had to get a friend to take!) meeting Bo Diddley…

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Here’s what you should do to support #HBDSaeed

Today Saeed is 39.

Campaign for Release of Saeed Malekpour


Saeed Malekpour Campaign – On June 5, 2014 imprisoned techie Saeed Malekpour turns 39 years old in Evin Prison. To commemorate his birthday we’re drawing attention to his case on Twitter. Join NGOs, activists, and concerned citizens around the world for the all-day Tweet Storm on Thursday, June 5th. Make sure you join in at the peak of the storm, 1pm EST.

Thousands of people around the world will mark Saeed Malekpour’s 39th birthday on Thursday with a tweet storm on social media. More information via the Toronto Star’s Olivia Ward

Won’t have time to tweet on June 5th?UseHootsuite.comto schedule your tweets from beforehand.

“Like” the official Facebook Page for Saeed Malekpour’s Global Campaign


  • To spread awareness about Saeed Malekpour’s situation and remind Iranians and the international community, including media and world authorities, that this web programmer is still locked up behind…

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Sugli Stati del Golfo: i peggiori.

La Torre di Babele

IMG_6031Gli Emirati Arabi sono sempre stati, per noi cronisti,  la porta verso l’inferno. L’ultimo approdo prima di immergersi nella realtà dura di Iraq e Afghanistan. Oppure, al ritorno, il primo “risveglio” negli agi dopo un periodo di grandi disagi. Ricordo soprattutto la prima volta a Kabul, nel 2001: dopo un mese e mezzo in cui avevo dormito vestito, nel sacco a pelo, e mangiato pochissimo e male, sostai a Dubai per tre giorni. Con un programma preciso diventato poi rituale per tutte le volte successive.  Primo giorno: chiuso in albergo, tra una doccia e un bagno, per riassaporare la voglia di pulito. Secondo giorno: dedicato alla cucina, riassaporando i sapori, a pranzo spaghetti in un ristorante italiano, la sera cena di pesce dai cinesi. Terzo giorno: la febbre consumistica. Dopo tanto tempo senza spendere combattevamo la crisi di astinenza buttandoci nei fantasmagorici centri commerciali, segno di quanto siamo malati. Poi…

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† Sequentia sancti Euangélii secundum Lucam (II, 33-40).

In illo tempore: Erat Ioseph et Maria mater Iesu, mirantes super his quae dicebantur de illo. Et benedixit illis Simeon, et dixit ad Mariam matrem eius: Ecce positus est hic in ruinam, et in resurrectionem multorum in Israël: et in signum cui contradicetur: et tuam ipsius animam pertransibit gladius, ut reuelentur ex multis cordibus cogitationes. Et erat Anna prophetissa, fília Phanuel, de tribu Aser: haec processerat in diebus multis, et uixerat cum uiro suo annis septem a uirginitate sua. Et haec uidua usque ad annos octoginta quatuor: quae non discedebat de templo, ieiuniis et obsecrationibus servuiens nocte ac die. Et haec, ipsa hora superueniens, confitebatur Domino, et loquebatur de illo omnibus, qui exspectabant redemptionem Israël. Et ut perfecerunt ómnia secundum legem Domini, reuersi sunt in Galilaeam in ciuitatem suam Nazareth. Puer autem crescebat, et confortabatur, plenus sapientia: et gratia Dei erat in illo.

Today: St. Ambrose of Milan (+4 April 397)

“The Church of the Lord is built upon the rock of the apostles among so many dangers in the world; it therefore remains unmoved. The Church’s foundation is unshakable and firm against assaults of the raging sea. Waves lash at the Church but do not shatter it. Although the elements of this world constantly beat upon the St. Ambrose of Milan (+4 April 397),Church with crashing sounds, the Church possesses the safest harbor of salvation for all in distress. There is a stream which flows down on God’s saints like a torrent. There is also a rushing river giving joy to the heart that is at peace and makes for peace.”