The Chinese Elephant In Kim Jong un’s Nuclear Command Center

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Global media is rarely out of frenzy mode, but presently its editor’s are salivating over apocalyptic headlines while journalists excitedly speculate on the prospects of a nuclear winter which may arise from North Korea’s nuclear ambitions. For that to happen an equation of madness is required, an act of aggression by Kim Jong-un’s regime against US territory, or that of its regional allies, and a military response ordered by President Trump. This is the basic narrative which is being promoted, exaggerated and dissected across news channels and the internet. Yet such an outcome is unlikely. Due, we are also informed, to the strategic needs of China which would not wish a destabilized North Korea or military conflict on its border On this reasoning diplomats and politicians line up to advocate that it’s in the interests of the Chinese regime to use its leverage to moderate the aggressive provocations…

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Here’s what you should do to support #HBDSaeed

Today Saeed is 39.

Campaign for Release of Saeed Malekpour


Saeed Malekpour Campaign – On June 5, 2014 imprisoned techie Saeed Malekpour turns 39 years old in Evin Prison. To commemorate his birthday we’re drawing attention to his case on Twitter. Join NGOs, activists, and concerned citizens around the world for the all-day Tweet Storm on Thursday, June 5th. Make sure you join in at the peak of the storm, 1pm EST.

Thousands of people around the world will mark Saeed Malekpour’s 39th birthday on Thursday with a tweet storm on social media. More information via the Toronto Star’s Olivia Ward

Won’t have time to tweet on June 5th?UseHootsuite.comto schedule your tweets from beforehand.

“Like” the official Facebook Page for Saeed Malekpour’s Global Campaign


  • To spread awareness about Saeed Malekpour’s situation and remind Iranians and the international community, including media and world authorities, that this web programmer is still locked up behind…

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Scrivi qui i tuoi pensieri… (opzionale)

No Pasdaran


La guerra in Siria si combatte ormaia anche sui social networks. In Iran, solamente negli ultimi mesi, sono nate diverse pagine Facebook in supporto del Governo di Bashar al Assad e soprattutto dei miliziani della Forza Quds impegnati direttamente nella guerra siriana. Ormai, va precisato, il coinvolgimento del regime di Teheran all’interno del conflitto siriano è talmente noto, che gli Ayatollah e i Pasdaran non provano nemmeno a celarlo. Praticamente tutte le pagine Facebook si richiamano alla Moschea di Zainab, situata a Damasco e considerata sacra nell’Islam sciita (è qui, infatti, che riposerebbe la figlia dell’Imam Ali).

Il live motive delle Pagine Facebook create in Iran in supporto del regime siriano è praticamente sempre lo stesso: i miliziani iraniani si trovano in Siria per combattere una guerra sacra contro i Tafkir (miscredenti/infedeli), comandati dai pericolosi sionisti (ovvero Stati Uniti, Israele e praticamente tutta la galassia sunnita). Nelle…

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