The Chinese Elephant In Kim Jong un’s Nuclear Command Center


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Global media is rarely out of frenzy mode, but presently its editor’s are salivating over apocalyptic headlines while journalists excitedly speculate on the prospects of a nuclear winter which may arise from North Korea’s nuclear ambitions. For that to happen an equation of madness is required, an act of aggression by Kim Jong-un’s regime against US territory, or that of its regional allies, and a military response ordered by President Trump. This is the basic narrative which is being promoted, exaggerated and dissected across news channels and the internet. Yet such an outcome is unlikely. Due, we are also informed, to the strategic needs of China which would not wish a destabilized North Korea or military conflict on its border On this reasoning diplomats and politicians line up to advocate that it’s in the interests of the Chinese regime to use its leverage to moderate the aggressive provocations…

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2 thoughts on “The Chinese Elephant In Kim Jong un’s Nuclear Command Center

  1. Perfectly stated, my friend. If you shut down China’s financial access to Western (and especially American) markets, you will see Beijing panic to the point where Kim will be destroyed. One never stands in the way between the Chinese government and profit without taking your life into your own hands. If Trump acts quickly, this will serve as a death warrant to Kim.

    • Thanks a lot for your analysis. A Communist country with a supposed free market, an economy who accelerated also in August is pure madness. I can’t find a comment in Italian financial sites, but only numbers. Indeed that is a time bomb. But they don’t say it. Again, it’s up to the The Free Country, the only one, and to me the U.S. are acting very well. If Japan – who’s saying that the situation is dangerous, clearly only for the media – if Japan continue to be such a great ally, it’s done.
      P.S. My Japanese friends are absolutely not scared at all, and Trump is great in his speeches, he clearly explains what is the problem. As always sorry for my very messy “branded” English.


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