That Bo Diddley Beat

Oh, that Bo Diddley beat. When describing it people say, always, “shave and a haircut, two bits” as if people still knew “two bits” used to mean a quarter, as if you could s…

Source: That Bo Diddley Beat


2 thoughts on “That Bo Diddley Beat

  1. Haha! Thanks Rudy!!! I had some unpleasant days. But from yesterday I’m feeling good. I hope the same for you! You can’t live without one person who doesn’t care for you. I’m getting tired of people, and I’m behaving not good. It’s because of you I know I’m lucky though. I owe so much to people who helped me. There’s lot of guys who I’m sure are smart and honest, but I can’t go visiting them or vice versa. Thanks again for appreciating my entirely copied posts!!!


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